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R.A. Dickey on "Dickey Face"

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Dickey Face.
Dickey Face.

Last weekend, I drove down to Los Angeles to get seven minutes of heaven with the Mets' knuckleballer. He'd mentioned FanGraphs, so that opened the door for me. I used the opportunity to ask him about all the research that has been done on the knuckler in general and his angry one in particular -- including pieces that were published here -- but I also talked with him about Amazin' Avenue and lighter fare.

Me: I also write for Amazin' Avenue, we did that Dickey Face thing a while back.

R.A. Dickey: Yes, big fan of that site, love that site. So does my mom, she loved it too. Just know that.

Me: Well I feel like I know her after that book, thank you. Great book, by the way. What are you reading right now?

R.A. Dickey: I'm reading The Bearer of Divine Revelation, which is a book of short stories.

Me: Do you do Game of Thrones?

R.A. Dickey: Yeah I love Game of Thrones.

Me: Who was your favorite character?

R.A. Dickey: Well it was Eddard Stark [spoiler alert]. Now I'm interested in the storyline behind Jon Snow. And I like Arya. I'm drawn to the Starks.

Me: Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

R.A. Dickey: Vader.

Me: Can you do Dickey Face without throwing the ball?

R.A. Dickey: No, it's organic. [laughs] I can't manufacture that.

Me: Grant Balfour. Would it be nice to see him in the clubhouse?

R.A. Dickey: Yes, I would enjoy that.