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Writers Wanted: This Date In Mets History

As we do occasionally — and aspire to do more regularly — Amazin' Avenue is looking to expand its daily coverage by featuring a This Date In Mets History post every morning. The series is actually pretty fun to write, and most of us could stand to brush up on our Mets history. We'll provide you research links to help you find content for the posts.

We're looking for able-minded candidates to cover every day of the week, so we're dipping into our talented pool of readers and commenters to fill those spots. All excellent candidates will be considered, but a history within the Amazin' Avenue community is strongly preferred.

  • The position is unpaid, but it's a great opportunity to flex (or improve) your writing skills in front of a daily audience approaching 10,000. As much of our staff came from within the AA community, it could also be a springboard to a larger editorial role with us.
  • A firm grasp of and respect for the English language is a non-negotiable requirement.
  • You will use the serial comma.
  • Posts must be submitted by 9pm ET the night before. As the research driving these posts is not time-sensitive, they can be submitted days or weeks in advance if desired.
  • We will consider one person for all seven days or seven people for one day apiece.
  • A willingness to use your real name on the site is very strongly preferred.

Interested parties should e-mail us and include:

  1. Your name and daily availability.
  2. Your tenure and involvement with Amazin' Avenue, if any.
  3. Some kind of writing sample. A long enough email will suffice.

We're looking to fill these positions within the next week so the sooner we hear from you the better.