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Quick Recap: Giants 4, Mets 1 — Matt Harvey Will Be the Name Of My Next Child

Even Ruben wasn't great tonight.
Even Ruben wasn't great tonight.

Matt Harvey threw 91 pitches through six innings, which isn't perfect. Matt Harvey threw a bunch of changeups, not all of which were perfect. Matt Harvey didn't always put the pitch right where he wanted to, and walked three dudes. Matt Harvey hit 97 in the fifth inning with his fastball, though, and struck out seven, and that's perfect. He looked like everything Tim Lincecum had lost: blistering fastball, sweet slider, figuring it out. Thank the baseball gods for Matt Harvey.

The defense was not good. Jordany Valdespin looked kinda lost in center field. Justin Turner didn't get to some balls he could have. Even Ruben Tejada airmailed a crucial throw that lead to two runs instead of a double play. And he was supposed to be the adult on the infield tonight.

It doesn't matter. Matt Harvey.

We knew it was over when...

When Jason Bay softly grounded out against Jeremy Affeldt for the final out? Or maybe in the top of the 7th when David Wright struck out looking with the bases loaded?

What else?

  • Scott Hairston stayed white-hot with two smoked line drive hits. Still not worth a top-30 prospect?
  • At least Justin Turner showed up at the plate. His double (plating Hairston) made it look like the Mets might even score a few off of Tim Lincecum. Nope.
  • One walk. One walk. There was only one walk and Mike Baxter did it. Ten strikeouts though!

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