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This Week In Mets Quotes: Respect For Jose Reyes, Devolution Of Jason Bay


Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets — and about them — over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.


"Look, we have no ill feelings toward Jose Reyes. This guy played his heart out for us, and especially for me. I was rooting for him all the time. I didn’t want him to get any hits today. I didn’t want him to get any hits yesterday. But that’s because we’re playing them. Tomorrow, I hope he gets some hits. He gave us all that effort." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

For David, these are some strong words

"To be honest with you, I didn’t pay much attention to [the booing of Jose.] It’s fun going against him, but he’s wearing a different uniform, so I hope that the fans don’t necessarily pull for him." —David Wright [ESPN]

Did Jose always talk in the third person?

"No, it didn't get me frustrated at all because, like I said, my job here is to play baseball. The other stuff, I can't control. They brought me here to play Jose Reyes' game, and that's what I've been doing." —Jose Reyes regarding the "fire sale" of the Marlins [Newsday]

I assume Hudgens repeated this several times over

“There's really no answer. There is no answer." —Dave Hudgens regarding Bay’s demise [Wall Street Journal]

Canadian Perspective

"I'm trying to be a realist with all that's happened," Bay said. "I'm not always the best option. This didn't blindside me. I've had some time to digest this," he added. "I don't want to be a distraction." —Jason Bay []

Luckily for my father, I never put him anywhere close to being in this position

“I’m a nervous wreck. It’s a lot easier going out for Game 7 knowing you have the ball in your hand and you’re in control. In the stands, you’re a parent and have no control.” —Frank Viola [ESPN]

But what about your left side?

"My whole right side feels good. Even though my ankle was what was bothering me, I was able to rest my whole body. That's something I really needed." —Johan Santana [Newsday]

Walks good. Outs bad.

“I think you put a home run at the end of it, it would have been. But I’ll take walks. Walks are good.” —Mike Baxter regarding how Moneyball he was [ESPN]

A refreshingly honest opinion

“I hope [Terry Collins] knows that I can compete and that I’m going to give him 100 percent every time. Regardless of what happens with Johan coming off the DL and stuff, I’m here for the team. Johan’s a way better pitcher than I am, so if it comes down to that, we’ll see what happens, but I just try to go out and give 100 percent.” —Jeremy Hefner [ESPN]

Take a deep breath, Wally wants to rant

“The one thing that I would say is don’t insult my intelligence in the game. I watched it happen in the series before where players were giving location to hitters. And don’t insult my intelligence. I’ve played the game way too long. I know everything about the game. That’s what they’ve been doing. That’s what they’ve done. We put a stop to it the last time we played and I had to say something tonight. It was just. The game of baseball has some integrity to it. Especially in the United States. It might not be that way in other places at times. But here we have some integrity in the game, and I expect the game to be played fair and the right way. I watched the catcher do it twice. I watched other guys do it. There’s a couple of guys that don’t do it. I don’t play that game. There’s integrity to the game. When those things happen, I’ve got a problem with it. I won’t let somebody play me into being stupid. I know the game very well. I know all the things you can do in the game to show location, to show signs and all those types of things. And if you get caught, you stop. If you don’t stop then we have a problem. That’s where we had a problem tonight." —Wally Backman [Buffalo News]

Sounds like what Victor Zambrano said after his last pitch as a Met

"I threw that last slider on a strikeout and I just kind of felt something in the back of my shoulder roll a little bit. I started seeking treatment on it right away, but it was a situation where it's still there. It's not getting any better. Knowing the roster move [with Francisco], I didn't want to leave Terry a man short. We thought the best position to take was to go ahead and go on the DL and give it some time to calm down." —Tim Brydak [ESPN]

Tough negotiator

"[The Mets] called and said, 'Hey, do you want to play?' And I said, 'Yeah.'" —Josh Edgin on his $2,000 draft bonus negotiation [Wall Street Journal]

Remember when Jeremy Reed was our first baseman…anybody?

“I will never forget the time when I first got called up and it was the second game of a road trip. I took [batting practice], took a shower, got dressed, it was a 7:10 game and I rolled out about 7:05 and Jeremy Reed pulled me aside and aired me out, saying, ‘What are you doing? You’re supposed to be out here for the National Anthem.’ I didn’t know, I should have known but I didn’t. To this day I have never missed an anthem." —Josh Thole [New York Post]

I get it but if he wins the Cy Young, he’s probably helping the team win

"R.A. Dickey does not want the perception that he's pitching for the Cy Young Award. The only thing he wants to do is help this team win, and if that means he has to pitch more, he's willing to pitch more. But he doesn't want it to look like we're just running him out there to win a Cy Young Award." —Terry Collins []

Honestly, I care more about Dickey Wins at this point

"That nine-game streak that was stopped today is more important than the 15 wins.” —RA Dickey []

SiteBot FacePalm of the Week

“Turner is a better option! In my opinon Justin Turner has shown the potential to be at the least the first right hand option off the Mets bench! In fact i would prefer the Mets to package Murphy, Familiar and another piece of there farm system and allow Turner to play second base on an every day basis!” —Jabber63

AA Quote of the Week

Eddie Kunz” —Bobby Baseball