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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 12: Finale

everything about this is good and right
everything about this is good and right

So it's come to this: the last day of the first week of the rest of our lives, the randomly chosen week that I happened to start writing about Pick 6. It's been real, everyone, and thanks for reading so far. Hopefully you've enjoyed it, or at least you haven't actively hated it.

Let's see who's going to take home the Big Weekly Prize for this week! (NOTE: The prize for this week is a muted sense of accomplishment.)

Yesterday we had a big win, followed by a close group behind that:

Rank Player Score
1 CoolBeans31 71.1
2 republikyle 49.2
3 CajoleJuice 49.2
4 Gringo Steiner 46.0
5 EGandhi 42.2

So let's see how that affects the weekly standings, going into the final set of games for the week:

Rank Player Score
1 OroscoSchiraldi 281.3
2 EGandhi 272.2
3 Gringo Steiner 237.9
4 hypeprospect 233.7
5 Reg Dunlop 196.9

Looks like OroscoSchiraldi has built a good-sized lead over EGandhi, but it's certainly not an insurmountable one to make up over one day. I unfortunately didn't get to play yesterday, so I don't have a set of scores to go through for myself. I do get to play today, though, so here's what I'm working with.

Position Player Price
SP Chris Capuano $0.50
C Alex Avila $27.50
CI Edwin Encarnacion $15.75
MI J.J. Hardy $3.00
OF Andrew McCutchen $56.25
RP Jonathan Papelbon $13.25

I miss Chris Capuano. I'm not sure exactly why, but I miss him. That's mostly why I picked him today; also, he's really cheap and I think he could come through. Other than that, I'm glad I was able to work Cutch into my team.

So, let's see what you guys have!

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!