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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 13

don't you DARE touch my head
don't you DARE touch my head

That's right, it only took me a week to run out of pithy ways to finish my headline. I apologize, I know people really enjoyed that (or didn't even notice it was happening, whichever one is more likely). It's Monday, and with the start of a new week comes a new dawn in Pick 6, as we honor last week's champion and prepare to enter the fray once more. Also, we can take a look at yesterday's scores and preview today's action.

So I'm not entirely sure how this happened, but here are yesterday's daily leaders...

Rank Player Score
1 Thomas Wachtel 64.1
2 mttlg 60.3
3 anonymous 52.7
4 IslesFanInNJ 45.5
5 Mr. Ten 44.6

lol what

I'll gloat undeservedly a little bit later on, but first let's look at who ended up last week at the top of the table:

Rank Player Score
1 OroscoSchiraldi 300.3
2 EGandhi 272.2
3 Gringo Steiner 262.9
4 mttlg 241.5
5 hypeprospect 233.7

Fair play and congratulations to OroscoSchiraldi on the victory. The lead actually was extended a bit over the course of the last day, which made the final scores a little less close than they'd been. But all in all, in the first week of the re-Pick 6-ening, it was a good competition.

I suppose we should look at my team, which did far, far better than I had expected.

Position Player Score
SP Chris Capuano 22.9
C Alex Avila 4.0
CI Edwin Encarnacion 28.1
MI J.J. Hardy -4.0
OF Andrew McCutchen 8.1
RP Jonathan Papelbon 5.0

This is almost awkward when I actually succeed. I'll do my best not to make it a habit. The odd thing is that mostly my producers were throwaway picks (like Encarnacion, who I got for about $16), and the ones I thought would do well (McCutchen, Avila) were light performers. Look at Chris Capuano:

I miss Chris Capuano. I'm not sure exactly why, but I miss him. That's mostly why I picked him today; also, he's really cheap

I mean, seriously. So, I ended up 11th in the weekly standings. I'll try to repeat my fluke success today, with these six players:

Position Player Price
SP Jeff Samardzija $0.50
C Alex Avila $27.00
CI Adrian Beltre $20.25
MI Rickie Weeks $14.75
OF Mike Trout $49.75
RP Jose Valverde $5.25

There, that should take care of any thoughts that I know what I'm doing! Samardzija is pitching against the Astros, so I think that makes him a solid pick, and I always love the Trout. Beltre has burned me in the past, but hopefully he'll do better today. Anyway, make your picks, and share them in the comments. And those of you who ended up in the top 5 for last week, make sure you come and receive your accolades, and the muted sense of accomplishment that I promised you.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!