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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 15

it's not still too soon for Matt Holliday, is it?
it's not still too soon for Matt Holliday, is it?

Scoring appears to be down a little bit in Pick 6 this week (at least compared to last week). Are we doing worse? Are baseball players having a bad week? All I know is I'm moving up the leaderboard without scoring a whole lot, and that's strange to me because I'm not used to succeeding and failing at the same time.

All this means is that one good pick can vault you into the conversation for this week's championship. If it's really good. So make some picks.

Here are yesterday's best performances:

Rank Player Score
1 gstatman 57.5
2 Davey Johnson's Locker 54.7
3 EGandhi 51.0
4 hypeprospect 50.0
5 goth brooks 39.5

The scoring isn't down a ton, but you can see that it's a bit lower than it's been since these posts started. Honestly that's probably a random statistical fluctuation, or something. The weekly scores aren't two bad, though:

Rank Player Score
1 EGandhi 87.1
2 hypeprospect 86.5
3 goth brooks 84.3
4 CajoleJuice 82.8
5 Thomas Wachtel 77.2

There are some familiar names in there, from last week. The top four are all very close too, so this week is getting off to an interesting start. Also I'm in there, which will probably not last. Let's look at how I got there!

Position Player Score
SP Matt Moore 17.2
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia 0.0
CI Evan Longoria -3.0
MI Jimmy Rollins 15.0
OF Mark Trumbo 1.6
RP Craig Kimbrel 6.4

Yeah, that makes no sense. Jimmy Rollins did good things, and I am not filled with rage. This is a feeling that I do not enjoy. Also, hurray for Matt Moore! And anti-hurray to Evan Longoria. You're no David Wright, Evan. For shame.

I'm going to take a shot at my third day in a row of getting lucky with good starting pitching performances.

Position Player Price
SP R.A. Dickey $57.25
C Kurt Suzuki $0.50
CI Edwin Encarnacion $19.00
MI J.J. Hardy $2.75
OF Matt Holliday $35.00
RP Joe Nathan $5.50

Just kidding, I picked Dickey. There's no luck there, only his own divine knucklewill. Other than that, I tried to get cheap at most positions, then spent the remainder on Matt Holliday. So hopefully he plays well, or else I'll feel dumb.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!