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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 16: Coming back to Earth

this is what I'm relying on for scoring today
this is what I'm relying on for scoring today

So, that whole thing from yesterday about our group's Pick 6 scoring being down? It went back up, at least for some of us. There were some high scores at the top, like what we'd had in past days, and lower scores for certain other people.

Such as me. I had a low score. A very low score. A score so low, it's almost like I planned it, like I threw the game. So really, for me, everything's back to normal: you guys did well, I did terribly badly, and now I get to make jokes about being awful rather than feeling weird about talking about myself doing well. Really, it's much better for everyone this way.

Like I said, the top-tier scores yesterday were better than they've been in a little bit. We even had at least one player pick Felix Hernandez, which obviously worked out quite nicely.

Rank Player Score
1 republikyle 89.1
2 CoolBeans31 87.7
3 anonymous 50.6
4 hypeprospect 49.4
5 airgriffey24 49.2

After two days there wasn't a lot of separation between the top scorers, but the high scores by a few players yesterday have thrown the race in a new direction.

Rank Player Score
1 republikyle 148.4
2 hypeprospect 135.9
3 goth brooks 123.2
4 CoolBeans31 118.7
5 EGandhi 113.1

You'll notice that I wasn't on either list, which I had been for a couple of days. There's a good reason for that: my team was awful yesterday.

Position Player Score
SP R.A. Dickey -11.5
C Kurt Suzuki 1.6
CI Edwin Encarnacion 1.6
MI J.J. Hardy 1.6
OF Matt Holliday -4.0
RP Joe Nathan 0.0

I managed -10.7 points, which is almost hilariously awful - second-to-last place in the Amazin' Avenue ranks, and to whomever I beat, I'm so very sorry. Here's what I said about my team yesterday:

...I picked Dickey. There's no luck there, only his own divine knucklewill. Other than that, I tried to get cheap at most positions, then spent the remainder on Matt Holliday. So hopefully he plays well, or else I'll feel dumb.

OOPS. Maybe today's picks will turn out to be less awful than yesterday's were.

Position Player Price
SP A.J. Burnett $15
C Josh Thole $0.50
CI Adam Dunn $24.50
MI Dustin Pedroia $37.25
OF Giancarlo Stanton $33.50
RP Kenley Jansen $9.00

Today I'm spreading my money out as much as possible among the positions that I feel like scoring is a little more predictable (because the players are better), which feels like a good strategy. This way I feel like I'm nearly guaranteed to have at least one player play well, even if a few others do poorly. On the other hand, I have really bad luck with Adam Dunn in terms of fantasy baseball, so this may be a disaster waiting to happen. We'll see, I suppose.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!