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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 17: Insert Rebecca Black joke here

this is Chase "Fifty Cents" Utley getting hit by a pitch
this is Chase "Fifty Cents" Utley getting hit by a pitch

It's Friday, which means that for those of you with the courage and wit to attempt to pull off such a feat, it's 50-Cent Friday in Pick 6. $0.50 per player, $3.00 total, and we separate the confused from the virtuous. Of course, if you're in the race for the (mostly meaningless) weekly championship there's no pressure to change your strategies.

But if someone should win a day by playing six 50-cent players, that would truly be epic.

Let's get right to it. Here are yesterday's entirely respectable scores:

Rank Player Score
1 James Kannengieser 67.8
2 SwissHitter 59.6
4 airgriffey24 48.3
5 bbilko 46.8

See? Entirely respectable. For the week, here's where we are:

Rank Player Score
1 hypeprospect 168.5
2 CoolBeans31 149.4
3 airgriffey24 148.3
4 goth brooks 146.8
5 EGandhi 139.4

hypeprospect is starting to open up a pretty safe lead, but behind that there's a close race for second. And really, in Pick 6 no lead is that safe, so we'll see where the next three days take us.

I personally had a sub-par day yesterday, with three of my players scoring between 0.0 and 0.1 points. That's not very good at all.

Position Player Score
SP A.J. Burnett 0.1
C Josh Thole 0.0
CI Adam Dunn 4.0
MI Dustin Pedroia 9.1
OF Giancarlo Stanton 16.6
RP Kenley Jansen 0.0

Basically if Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton hadn't have had a big game, I'd have totally tanked yesterday. He did, and that's keeping me respectable for the week. So who can keep me respectable tonight?

Position Player Price
SP Chris Sale $0.50
C John Jaso $0.50
CI Chipper Jones $0.50
MI Chase Utley $0.50
OF Josh Willingham $0.50
RP Jon Rauch $0.50

The theme of this team is Things I Hate. Not really, though, as it only applies to a third of my team. Can you guess which two players?! Anyway, I suppose this isn't such a bad team for $3, but it's not as good as the one I had picked before I remembered I was going to do 50-Cent Friday. So let's see how it does!

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!