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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 18

the second game, Brandon, the second game
the second game, Brandon, the second game

It's getting close to the daily deadline, so let's get to the Pick 6 update. We're getting close to the end of the week's competition - only two game days left - and the scores are about as tight as you could hope for.

I'm still doing poorly, though, so there's that.

Here are the scores from last night's games:

Rank Player Score
1 Li(f)e 60.4
2 Reg Dunlop 50.8
3 Davey Johnson's Locker 50.2
4 Chris McShane 50.1
5 James Ubriaco 49.6

Not absurdly high scores, but pretty good, and everyone's pretty close to one another. Here's where we stand in the weekly race:

Rank Player Score
1 CoolBeans31 180.3
2 Davey Johnson's Locker 178.7
3 hypeprospect 173.5
4 EGandhi 173.0
5 CajoleJuice 163.6

We're even closer there. So yeah, the end here should be interesting.

It's a little less interesting on my end, though my foray into 50-Cent Friday actually went better than most of the teams I pick.

Position Player Score
SP Chris Sale -9.0
C John Jaso 20.6
CI Chipper Jones 10.0
MI Chase Utley 12.5
OF Josh Willingham 11.0
RP Jon Rauch 0.0

If only Chris Sale was better, I'd have actually had a legitimately good day rather than a simply decent one. Maybe today will be more successful! (Disclaimer: probably not.)

Position Player Price
SP Jon Niese $0.75
C Jesus Montero $17.00
CI Paul Konerko $39.00
MI Brandon Phillips $26.25
OF Curtis Granderson $36.00
RP Jon Rauch $0.50

The Reds play a double-header today, evidently, so with my luck he'll do really well in the game I didn't pick him, and strike out six times in the other one.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!