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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 20: A new theme

hey, do something cool tonight
hey, do something cool tonight

Once again, a new week dawns, and we begin another weekly Pick 6 campaign. Get excited, people. I know I am.

And to stoke that excitement even further, I propose that we start the week off with a theme competition. There's no prize and it's definitely not mandatory - it's just something that I think makes the game a little more fun, and in the vein of 50-Cent Fridays, makes it a little more challenging. So if you're up to it, join in.

First let's look at the scores from yesterday and the final score from the week's competition.

Rank Player Score
1 Gringo Steiner 77.4
2 OroscoSchiraldi 64.9
3 Davey Johnson's Locker 64.8
4 republikyle 51.3
5 Ceetar 35.4

Good job by Gringo Steiner to take the daily game by a pretty substantial margin. And second and third places were separated by a mere tenth of a point, which is fun. Now let's see what that does to the overall scoring for the week:

Rank Player Score
1 hypeprospect 261.9
2 CoolBeans31 253.4
3 Davey Johnson's Locker 249.6
4 EGandhi 243.2
5 James Ubriaco 231.7

The weekly race ended up closer than the daily one, but still a safe victory for hypeprospect.

So on to tonight's game. I mentioned earlier that I'd be putting out a special game tonight. The chosen theme is "Teams": that is, all six of your players should be teammates in real life. You can choose any team you want, you just need to make sure you can get a team under-budget with six members. I'm going with the Nationals:

Position Player Price
SP Jordan Zimmermann $36.25
C Kurt Suzuki $0.50
CI Ryan Zimmerman $27.50
MI Ian Desmond $3.25
OF Bryce Harper $8.75
RP Tyler Clippard $8.25

I found the most expensive pitcher on a team I thought I could build around, and then went from there. I'm pretty happy with the way the 6 turned out, even if I did end up with $35.50 left over. So, can you top that?

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!