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While You Were Out: Amazin' Avenue Week in Review, August 12-18

Jason Bay, Mets savior
Jason Bay, Mets savior

This really should have been up last night, but due to reasons, it's been postponed to today. Like last week, this is the best Amazin' Avenue had to offer in the past week, including the best work from the community in the FanPosts and FanShots. It's a good way to cheer up a bit after a Mets loss, I suppose.

FanPost of the Week: There were a few good ones this week, but I went with "Johan Santana, Closer" by Dan Lewis. It's definitely outside-the-box thinking, and though I don't know if I think it would work, it's worth a discussion.

FanShot of the Week: We have a two-way tie here this week. I really liked "Gary Carter, Language Pioneer" from James Kannengieser, so if you haven't seen it yet, take a look. But since he's on the masthead, I'm also including "LOLMets" from santana9237, because LOLMets.