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Mets Player Performance Meter, Week 18: "Hitters"

Justin trollin' Turner.
Justin trollin' Turner.

The following table is rated MA for graphic displays of offensive ineptitude. Reader discretion is advised.

Player Last Week This Week Comment
Mike Baxter, OF With a couple of extra-base hits, Baxter was one of the Mets' better hitters. He figures to have a good shot at making the team in 2013 in a reserve outfielder role.
Jason Bay, LF With all of the struggling hitters surrounding him, Bay still managed to have the worst offensive week. He reached base zero times in seven plate appearances, striking out thrice.
Ronny Cedeno, SS Cedeno continues his improbable productive season at the plate.
Ike Davis, 1B Davis hit a home run and managed a .300 average and .417 on-base percentage. Well done, Ike.
Scott Hairston, OF His .583 OPS only looks decent in comparison to his teammates.
Daniel Murphy, 2B Far from the Irish Hammer with a .318 OPS.
Kelly Shoppach, C Shoppach's here to crush lefties, but he didn't crush much of anything this week.
Ruben Tejada, SS At .190/.227/.286, this is not the Tejada of weeks past.
Josh Thole, C A bad season at the plate got worse with a Nickeas-like .000/.083/.000 slash line.
Andres Torres, CF A .355 OPS? Well, that wasn't the worst on the team.
Justin Turner, IF He only had eight plate appearances, but Turner turned out a .929 OPS.
Jordany Valdespin, OF With a .481 OPS, it looks like opposing pitchers are taking advantage of Valdespin's complete lack of plate discipline.
David Wright, 3B Wright hit for neither average nor power, and his .385 OBP was almost entirely the result of four intentional walks.

This week's player meter covers games from August 18 through 23.