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Quick Recap: Astros 3, Mets 1 — Does The Fun Ever Start?

David Wright's 200th career home run, basically the only good thing the Mets did tonight.
David Wright's 200th career home run, basically the only good thing the Mets did tonight.

Jon Niese had a decent night, tossing seven innings with five strikeouts, two walks, and three runs allowed. David Wright hit his 200th career home run and his seventeenth of the season, but that fourth-inning solo shot was the only run the Mets managed to set upon the scoreboard and they lost the series opener to the usually ghastly Astros, 3-1.

Entering tonight's game, Houston had won just seven times in their last fifty games. On June 27, the Astros were 32-43. They were 39-86 before they played the Mets. They're now 40-87, which is still godawful but, as the Mets seem to redefine 'godawful' with each successive game, for at least one evening the Astros had something to celebrate.

For their part, the Mets now have an 11-31 record since July 7, which, while falling well short of the Astros' stretch of ineptitude, is still irredeemably atrocious. I don't know if it's apathy, indifference, ennui, or just bad baseball. Whatever it is, it's terribly unpleasant to watch. Not to worry, though. The Mets are back out there bright and early for another slugfest against the 'Stros!

We knew it was over when...

The Mets suited up in their Los Mets uniforms, a name which is just too close to "LOL Mets" for the game not to go horribly wrong.

What else?

Nothing. Whatever.

Game Thread Roll Call

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