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Mets Morning News: The Mets Won A Game. No, Seriously. I'm Not Even Joking. Why Are You Laughing? Stop It.


Meet the Mets

The Mets won. The Mets won? THE METS WON! Yes folks -- don't adjust your transistor radio sets or your rabbit ears or whatever you youngsters use to read this text. The Mets beat the Astros 3-1, snapping their mostly embarrassing 6-game losing streak. Thanks to R.A. Dickey's general badassery on a pitcher's mound, some tragilarious Astros defense and Justin Turner trolling everyone with his first home run in over a calendar year, the Mets came out victorious. Even the oft-maligned bullpen managed to combine for 2 scoreless innings. Everything came up Metsie on Saturday afternoon. Now here's the 3 year, $36 million (with easily attainable vesting option) question -- can they repeat this performance today?

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Two out of three victories against the Astros. Can this actually happen? Jeremy Hefner, fresh off the birth of his daughter, will try to propel the Mets to their second win in a row. Standing in the way of this feat is righty Lucas Harrell, who's had a solid under-the-radar year for Houston. Game time is at 1:10 PM and you can catch the action on WPIX 11 (sorry, Cablevision folks).

Lucas Duda is set to be recalled by the Mets before today's game. No word on who the roster casualty is, as the Mets will likely announce it prior to game time. Duda will play left field in his return to the team.

R.A. Dickey picked up his 16th victory yesterday. While I think we all realize that pitcher's wins and losses tell us nothing about a pitcher, more wins likely only help Dickey in his quest to win the Cy Young award and that would be awesome. Also, the Mets haven't had a 20-game winner since Frank Viola and that is kind of sad.

Terry Collins and Ruben Tejada had a chat about running hard to first base on groundballs. I'm not sure what Ruben did to set off TC's "rage" this year so often but I can't help but believe that the Mets' struggles this season would've been avoided had Tejada just reported to spring training early instead of merely on-time. I'm not joking (I'm really joking).

Are the Mets using Josh Edgin too much? The lefty has made 22 appearances since his promotion in early July and while I agree the Mets should be cautious with his valuable left arm, I don't know if TC's use of him has been especially egregious yet. It would be nice to see some more of Robert Carson, though.

Justin Turner offered some deep thoughts about his home run, his playing time, his minor league outfield experience and the troll job he pulled in the clubhouse Saturday morning. You see, Turner is not only the keeper of the pies but he's also the de facto clubhouse DJ. So when Turner turned on his Ipod, it began playing covers of the Oasis song "Wonderwall". But not just one cover -- many covers. And not just for a little while but for an hour. Eventually the beat writers began tweeting about this form of torture and things got even worse when Bobby Parnell couldn't turn it off because the Ipod was password locked.

If you've ever watched the Mets' postgame show on SNY, you likely know how analyst Bobby Ojeda feels about the Mets' patient approach at the plate (in short: he wants them to swing the bats). But perhaps the Mets aren't being patient enough in their approach. The Mets' struggles seem to be a failure of execution of the approach by the players, rather than a failure of the approach itself (which seemed to work well the entire first half). I can guarantee you that watching fastballs go by down the heart of the plate is not something that Dave Hudgens preaches.

Around the NL East

The Braves beat the Giants 7-3 on Saturday but the big news from Atlanta is that Ben Sheets has hit the DL with a shoulder issue. So, who is the lucky player to take his roster spot? None other than our old friend Miguel "Battingpractista" Batista! Welcome back, Miguel. The retooled Dodgers beat up on the Marlins 8-2 as Adrian Gonzalez homered in his first Dodgers' at bat and then basically admitted that he regretted signing with Boston after the game. Meanwhile the Phillies defeated the Nationals 4-2. Huh?

Around the Majors

The megadeal between the Red Sox and Dodgers is complete. The Dodgers acquire Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick Punto in exchange for James Loney, Ivan DeJesus, Allen Webster and two players to be named later (widely believed to be Jerry Sands and Rubby De La Rosa, both of whom were on the 40-man roster and didn't clear waivers). Just an excellent deal for the Red Sox in so many ways and now they have the financial flexibility to do almost whatever they want from here.

David Ortiz may be finished for the year with an achilles injury. Yes, that Boston lineup is going to look a bit light for the rest of the season.

Jose Bautista re-aggravated his wrist injury and has been placed back on the DL by the Blue Jays after playing in just two games.

The Pirates seem to be sliding off the map for the second year in a row and now players on the team are angry at management for scheduling a charity event on an off day following a west coast road trip.

Cardinals' outfielder Lance Berkman is on his way back from a knee injury but the veteran mentioned that he's leaning towards retirement after the season ends. Berkman has had an excellent career, one that seems to be almost criminally underrated for a guy who's a career .296/.409/.545 hitter in 14 big league seasons. Question for the comment section: is he a Hall Of Famer?