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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 27

chicken/beer jokes are for the weak
chicken/beer jokes are for the weak

Happy Monday, everyone. Hopefully Ike Davis has brought joy and strength to your heart, and sunshine to your morning. Here in Indianapolis it's awful and rainy, and since we've had a Steinbeckian drought all summer in the Midwest, it seems everyone's forgotten how to drive. Due to this, I was almost 45 minutes late to work today; because of that, this Pick 6 update post is coming up late today.

So yeah, blame the weather.

Here's the leaderboard from the Sunday games, with a close finish for the top two.

Rank Player Score
1 mzvalaren 52.7
2 goth brooks 48.5
3 hypeprospect 41.6
4 IslesFanInNJ 38.3
5 mttlg 36.9

And here's how everyone did for the Week That Was:

Rank Player Score
1 OroscoSchiraldi 316.2
2 BobbyV_Incognito 303.4
3 goth brooks 289.0
4 IslesFanInNJ 269.1
5 hypeprospect 248.2

I didn't get to play yesterday, for various reasons, so you don't have my awful scores to read about today. Instead, straight to the guys I picked for the day's games. No theme (it's too late in the day for that), just straight picks.

Position Player Price
SP Josh Beckett $13
C Miguel Montero $30
CI Edwin Encarnacion $25.50
MI Neil Walker $7.75
OF Curtis Granderson $35.25
RP Rafael Soriano $8.25

One of these days, I think Miguel Montero will hit on a day I pick him. Will it be today? PROBABLY NOT. Also, uh, Josh Beckett. I'm going for a power move there, I guess we'll see how it works out.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!