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Midday Mets Mind Boggler: Four Or More Multiple-HR Games

We like Ike.
We like Ike.

With his pair of home runs on Sunday, Ike Davis became the twenty-seventh player in Mets history with at least four multiple-home-run games. Ike, of course, did so in grand fashion as his second home run gave the Mets a victory over the Astros. Walk-off home runs are the best.

Can you name all twenty-seven players?

Mets With 4 Or More Multiple-HR Games

Some of these answers are obvious, but others are not. The range of years listed next to each player as a hint includes only the first and last year in which the player had a multiple-HR game for the Mets, not necessarily the same as the years he spent with the team.

Please post your time and score in the comments. Remember that you only need to use a player's last name to get credit for a correct answer. The clock is set at seven minutes. Good luck!