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2012 Mets Projections At The Two-Thirds Point


The Mets' 6-2 win over the Padres on Saturday marked the two-thirds point in the 2012 season. With 108 games in the books, the Mets are (were, as they played Game #109 on Sunday, but never mind that for now) 53-55, on pace for 79.5 wins. You can't win half a game, of course, so call it 80 wins if you're the optimistic sort, 79 otherwise.

Fractional mile markers during the season provide us with an opportunity, however frivolous, to forecast possible team and player achievements without tricky math or too many significant digits to trip over. Here are some standard ones to get you started; I encourage you to post some of your own in the comments. I'll also include the franchise record for each

Home runs (41, Carlos Beltran, 2006; Todd Hundley, 1996)

Ike Davis: 30
David Wright: 24
Scott Hairston: 21

Walks (125, John Olerud, 1999)

David Wright: 98
Andres Torres: 57
Ike Davis: 48

Strikeouts (161, David Wright, 2010)

Ike Davis: 152
David Wright: 110
Scott Hairston: 87

Doubles (44, Bernard Gilkey, 1996)

Daniel Murphy: 50
David Wright: 48
Ike Davis: 26

Strikeouts (289, Tom Seaver, 1971)

R.A. Dickey: 234
Jonathon Niese: 168

Innings (290.2, Tom Seaver, 1970)

R.A. Dickey: 230
Jonathon Niese: 196