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Marlins Take Piece Out Of Niese Applesauce: Four Run Inning Ruins Day, Bay To The Bench, Mets Unveil All-Star Logo

Wait, there was a game last night?
Wait, there was a game last night?

Meet the Mets

The Mets fell to the Marlins 4-2, a disappointing game that saw Jon Niese get knocked around for four runs in the fourth inning and the Mets get shut down by the Marlins' pitching staff. Daniel Murphy knocked a solo home run off of the Pepsi Porch in the fifth to get on the board and they actually loaded the bases at the end of that inning with two outs but Terry Collins left Niese in to pinch hit for himself and he struck out on three pitches. That ended up being the Mets' last threat against the Marlins' shaky pen.

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Chris Young will face off against Nate Eovaldi in game two of the series, which begins at 7:10 PM.

With the news coming out that Jason Bay will be moved into a platoon arrangement, Sandy Alderson said that the Mets will not eat Jason Bay's contract in the near future. Of course, the key line here is this:

"That is our position now, nothing is 100 percent certainty in baseball," Alderson said. "You know that."

Johan Santana is ready to return to the rotation on Saturday against the Braves.

Terry Collins acknowledged that the Mets overused Tim Byrdak during his two years in New York. With Byrdak out, the Mets called up lefty Garrett Olson and demoted Elvin Ramirez.

The Mets unveiled the 2013 All-Star game logo at Citi Field yesterday. Meanwhile, the Mets and Pat LaFrieda unveiled the Original Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich, which can be found in center field, and Ted Berg was very quick to review it. That thing looks good.

Around the NL East

The Phillies shut out the Braves 3-0 behind a brilliant complete game effort from lefty Cole Hamels. Meanwhile, the Nationals had a 3-2 lead in the 12th inning over the Astros as of this writing.

Around the Majors

Evan Longoria is back from the DL for the Rays. With the way their offense has struggled, they could sure use him.

Marlins' owner Jeffrey Loria is angry and he's going to look for somebody to blame.

The Reds are set to retire Hall of Famer Barry Larkin's number 11 on August 25. Good for him.

Barry Bonds thinks he should be in the Hall Of Fame and he's absolutely right in his stance.

Why does Juan Pierre continue to get big league jobs? Apparently, he's a really hard worker and a great role model.

You've got to love the Astros (or the Lastros or the Disastros).