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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 8: DAY GAME ALERT!

UNCLUTCH or something
UNCLUTCH or something

If you're anything like me, you went to bed last night at about 8:30 because you're incredibly sick, and slept for twelve hours. Hopefully none of you are anything like me in that regard. A less malicious similarity might be that you didn't realize until you checked the schedule that the games today start absurdly early - the first game of the afternoon starts at 12:05 ET, between the Twins and Indians. Typically I (like many of you) don't care even a little about a game between the Twins and the Indians, but the early start means that all you Pick 6 fantasy baseball players need to get your picks in early.

So yeah, let's get to the action quickly, before we all miss our chance to play. There's less than three hours left to make a decision, which is about how long I spend yesterday just trying to decide whether or not Jarrod Saltalamacchia was a viable catcher (spoiler alert: HE WAS).

Here are your top five players from yesterday, with a few familiar names from the last list:

Rank Player Points
1 EGandhi 73.3
2 SoCal Metfan 68.6
3 mttlg 64.3
4 bbilko 58.3
5 hypeprospect 51.3

And here's your weekly leaders, with EGandhi taking a commanding lead:

Rank Player Points
1 EGandhi 131.2
2 OroscoSchiraldi 98.8
3 mttlg 91.5
4 goth brooks 88.8
5 bbilko 88.7

Now let's look at my team, which was much less terrible than expected, even with David Wright having a WRONGZ evening:

Position Player Points
SP Jon Niese 7.1
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia 7.2
CI David Wright 0.6
MI J.J. Hardy 9.0
OF Mike Trout 10.0
RP Kenley Jansen 0.0

I was 14th yesterday with 33.9 points. It could have been much worse. Jansen didn't pitch last night in a Dodgers loss, so...oops. Salty and J.J. Hardy had good nights, while Wright didn't really come through. Jon Niese had a good-for-fantasy/bad-for-real night, which leaves me very conflicted. I'll try to jinx the Mets a bit less today by picking none of them.

Position Player Price
SP Gio Gonzalez $48.75
C Russell Martin $6.75
CI Adrian Beltre $20.25
MI Elvis Andrus $17
OF Jason Heyward $18.50
RP Rafael Soriano $7.25

I feel dirty for picking a Brave and two Yankees, not to mention a National (which it's weird to care about the Nationals now, but so it goes). But in fantasy sports there is no room for sentiment or, in my case, intelligent team construction. If Russell martin doesn't even play tonight, I shall be mightily vexed.

So! Onward, and create your own team to face mine in the Arena of the Internet Aether!

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!