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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, August 9: Dickey Watch

surely DICKEYFACE will deliver me/us from mediocrity
surely DICKEYFACE will deliver me/us from mediocrity

I agree with Stephen from earlier: the Mets did not play last night. Nope! That game that you think you watched definitely did not happen. If you're really adamant about maintaining your hallucination, though, don't worry - there's a real Mets game today! In fact, it's almost absurdly early, with a start time of 12:10pm ET! That's why you're reading this so early. I apologize.

On the positive side, it gives us a game to watch and a Pick 6 team to choose in the hours while we wait for the U.S. women's soccer team to play in the gold medal match against Japan this afternoon. That's what I'll be doing, anyway. America!

Yesterday's top five scores feature 100% turnover from the day before (and if I remember correctly, the day before that too).

Rank Player Points
1 Li(f)e 74.4
2 airgriffey24 60.9
3 R_Adragna 55.6
4 Reg Dunlop 54.7
5 meigs1414 50.2

So, perhaps that will shake up our weekly standings a bit?

Rank Player Points
1 EGandhi 164.2
2 mttlg 132.5
3 OroscoSchiraldi 126.5
4 Li(f)e 121.1
5 SoCal Metfan 103.9

There's a bit of a change there, but for the most part, it's the same names we saw yesterday. Li(f)e's big win puts him/her in the top five, but it'll take a few more days like that to get to the #1 spot.

I, on the other hand, will need a lot of days better than I've had to make any kind of noise this week. I'm in 19th place weekly, with only 74.6 points (partially because I missed Monday, but also partially because I am bad at picking teams). So let's look at what happened yesterday.

Position Player Points
SP Gio Gonzalez 14.8
C Russell Martin 0.6
CI Adrian Beltre -3.0
MI Elvis Andrus 15.8
OF Jason Heyward 3.5
RP Rafael Soriano 9.0

That could have been a lot worse (I'm considering trademarking that, by the way). It was good for 40.7 total points, and 13th at Amazin' Avenue for the day. It really would have been nice if Gio Gonzalez's home run would have counted for something, or if Adrian Beltre hadn't played like a total jabroni. Also Russell Martin, living out the dogma that "when I root for someone I don't like, that's always the day they play badly."

Hopefully today's 6 will perform better. I plan to rely on the Power of R.A. Dickey (RAmen) to get me through.

Position Player Price
SP R.A. Dickey $54
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia $14
CI Eric Hosmer $5.25
MI Ruben Tejada $0.50
OF Bryce Harper $9.75
RP Fernando Rodney $17.25

I'm back to Salty at catcher, and Bryce Harper (who I greatly enjoy despite his status as Our Great Enemy) makes his debut on the Fightin' Wachtels. I fear a bit of an overspend at RP, due to reasons I talked about yesterday in the comments, but the Rays somehow tend to figure out a way to come through, so hopefully they will today. Or they'll use Rodney in a non-save situation (BLASPHEMY).

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!