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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 1

a strong man
a strong man

I think I may make a new personal rule: whenever R.A. Dickey starts on a Friday from now on, I'm going to forgo the 50-Cent Friday challenge on Pick 6. It's not that I'm upset about missing out on points, really - I just feel like a blasphemer whenever I have the chance to have him on my fantasy team in any way and I don't take advantage. And it only gets worse when he pitches like he did last night.

So from now on, no matter what the situation, whether or not there's a special theme planned, I'm with Dickey.

Our daily leader from yesterday preemptively followed the advice that I hadn't made yet, and it served him well.

Rank Player Score
1 StevieStyles 61.2
2 Li(f)e 59.3
3 OroscoSchiraldi 51.3
4 Durelo 47.9

Good, solid work there by everyone. Nobody's run away with it, but the bunched-up group has some pretty decent scores.

Rank Player Score
2 Ceetar 183.2
3 IanB in MD 182.2
4 StevieStyles 149.7
5 BobbyV_Incognito 142.2

The top two stay the same from yesterday, and our leader extends that lead slightly after a pretty good day. Behind that we cave a couple of duels going on, including only a point separating second and third places. So that's fun.

I managed 7.5 points yesterday, so that's not good.

Position Player Score
SP Mike Leake -4.1
C Josh Thole -3.0
CI Paul Goldschmidt 3.0
MI Chase Utley 0.6
OF Josh Willingham 0.0
RP Brandon League 11.0

Shoutout to Brandon League for saving me from a negative score. Fun times. Perhaps the Saturday games will be kinder to me?

Position Player Price
SP A.J. Burnett $17.75
C Matt Wieters $34.75
CI Paul Goldschmidt $0.50
MI Asdrubal Cabrera $22.75
OF Giancarlo Stanton $35.00
RP Tyler Clippard $9.00

I believe in A.J.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!