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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 10

I kind of just wanted to have an excuse to pick Mike Trout
I kind of just wanted to have an excuse to pick Mike Trout

Good morning everyone, and happy Monday (or at least as happy as a Monday can be). Hopefully you all had better weekends (in terms of sports) than I. Obviously we all had the same experiences with the Mets, but in addition for me, the US national soccer team somehow managed to lose on Friday night to Jamaica, and both of the NFL teams I support lost as well. Really just an all-around poor showing from my stable of sports fandom.

So, uh, hopefully our fantasy teams can help pick us up a bit? Let's get back to Pick 6.

Here's the scores from Sunday's games:

Rank Player Score
1 OroscoSchiraldi 45.5
2 hypeprospect 45.3
3 mttlg 40.5
4 goth brooks 37.7
5 Ceetar 37.3

Maybe a little down from the norm, but definitely a close competition. The weekly scoring appears to have been fixed over the weekend, so here's how things shook out at the end of the day.

Rank Player Score
1 hypeprospect 358.4
2 sitra2 311.4
3 OroscoSchiraldi 288.6
4 CajoleJuice 252.7
5 James Ubriaco 251.5

So now we start again, and since I'm getting today's post up so early, I think we should be okay to do a special theme game. I actually quite liked the one we did all the way back the last time we did one of these: pick all six players from one team. You can pick any team, and any collection of players from that team as long as they fit within the other parameters of the game. Here's my pick:

Position Player Price
SP Dan Haren $37.75
C Chris Iannetta $0.50
CI Kendrys Morales $0.50
MI Howie Kendrick $0.50
OF Mike Trout $58.75
RP Ernesto Frieri $8.25

This could either go really well, or really badly. Obviously I've picked the Angels, but they're a weird team: their good players are really expensive, so to fill the team you have to take chances on guys. Some may not even play (though I've tried to take steps to avoid getting guys who haven't played much this year). I didn't want to play it safe and go with the Nationals again, so I guess we'll see how this goes. Either way, it's fun.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!