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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 11

some of this, please
some of this, please

As introduction, I'd like to just direct you to Rob's post from earlier. Mike Piazza is just the best, now and always. Love the Piazza, love the Mets.

Short and sweet, eh? It's Pick 6 time, a little later than usual but none the worse for wear.

We've started out this week a bit slow as a group (I, for one, managed 3.7 entire points).

Rank Player Score
1 GusGloom 48.4
2 hypeprospect 40.0
3 goth brooks 39.1
4 Justin Schauf 38.1
5 republikyle 30.0

Not great, and none of the top five even have the great built-in excuse that I do; that is, the theme day single-team pick. At least I can blame the Angels for being awful! But of course they all scored better than I do nearly every day, so what do I know?

On that note, here's my team from yesterday. I'm so sorry.

Position Player Score
SP Dan Haren 1.6
C Chris Iannetta -3.0
CI Kendrys Morales 1.6
MI Howie Kendrick -4.0
OF Mike Trout 7.5
RP Ernesto Frieri 0.0

Well, at least they all played, I suppose. Trout was fine but Haren underperformed, and the rest were on the bad side of the lucky curve for me. Will today be any better?

Position Player Price
SP R.A. Dickey $63.50
C Josh Thole $0.50
CI Adrian Beltre $23.75
MI Rickie Weeks $13.00
OF Jason Heyward $17.25
RP Jim Johnson $1.75

I'm betting big on Dickey, and hoping for some miracles. Maybe Josh Thole will hit a grand slam or something.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!