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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 12

hopefully strikeouts will occur in great numbers
hopefully strikeouts will occur in great numbers

I am starting to have doubts that R.A. Dickey is actually going to win the Cy Young Award. This isn't because I don't think he deserves it - he's highly ranked in all of the important pitching categories, and also the "important" ones, and is generally awesome - but I have a sinking feeling that We (Mets fans) and I (me) just can't have nice things, so his late-season slump (relatively speaking, of course: he's still awesome, but he's not throwing a one-hit shutout in every start like he was a few months ago) will lead to Derek Jeter somehow winning the NL Cy Young.

I know that I shouldn't really care all that much about the Cy Young, considering the source (yeah, I wouldn't trust the BBWAA to be able to pick me up from the airport, much less make a rational decision about who's actually good at baseball). But I do, mostly because I think that Dickey's combination of stellar performance and great narrative is practically built for postseason awards, and it would be a nice light through the fog of #LOLMets that we've had to slog through since July. The second half hasn't been a ton of fun, but this could help. And I fear it's slipping away.

In addition to everything else, Dickey's less-than-completely-awesome evening really put a dent in a lot of our Pick 6 teams, which everyone knows is a vital part of any Cy Young candidacy. Voters look at those scores, people. Anyway, let's see how everyone did last night.

Scores were a little down yesterday, but not quite as much as the day before.

Rank Player Score
1 anonymous 53.8
2 Justin Schauf 39.9
3 sitra2 36.3
4 David Rogoff 33.9
5 Thomas Wachtel 33.6

Only two players in the top 5 actually picked Dickey, so that actually didn't affect things at the top level too drastically. After two days, here's where we stand in the weekly race.

Rank Player Score
1 GusGloom 78.7
2 Justin Schauf 78.0
3 sitra2 65.4
4 hypeprospect 62.4
5 anonymous 62.0

Things are very close at the top, but that's to be expected after such a short time, especially with no single breakout performances. The closer weeks are always more fun, though, so hopefully things will stay like this. And now for the big reveal: how I managed to get into the top five for yesterday.

Position Player Score
SP R.A. Dickey -1.9
C Josh Thole 1.6
CI Adrian Beltre 15.6
MI Rickie Weeks 22.3
OF Jason Heyward -4.0
RP Jim Johnson 0.0

I have to say, I really was not expecting to see Thole outscore Dickey. That wasn't on my radar at all. I am glad, though, that I decided to play Weeks on a whim, for no reason other than the fact that I saw his name and thought "eh, I haven't used him in a while." My team today is as follows:

Position Player Price
SP Max Scherzer $18.75
C Russell Martin $3.75
CI Edwin Encarnacion $26.50
MI Dustin Pedroia $35.00
OF Justin Upton $25.50
RP Tyler Clippard $9.25

Don't fail me now, Max Scherzer. Don't fail me now.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!