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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 13

he can out-hit Jason Bay, too
he can out-hit Jason Bay, too

I'm starting to think this Matt Harvey guy might go places. He's striking out more than a batter per inning as a major league pitcher, and though he doesn't appear to quite have the stamina yet to hold that performance for more than five innings or so on a regular basis, I have to think with the skills he's shown so far, that he has a good shot at developing into a legitimate major league pitcher. Which would be just swell to have, you know?

He only managed about five points in Pick 6 last night, though, which is something he's really going to need to work on if he wants to take the next step. Because we all know that "performing for a fantasy team" is massively important to all athletes.

Yesterday was a bit of a slugfest, which is nice because scoring points is fun.

Rank Player Score
1 CoolBeans31 79.3
2 airgriffey24 68.0
3 gstatman 63.7
5 mttlg 55.6

That's a big win, too - anything over ten points seems like a lot, these days. But fifth place in yesterday's game would have won the day before, which just goes to show how good yesterday's scores were. Or how low they were the day before, I guess, if you're the glass-half-empty type.

Rank Player Score
1 sitra2 114.4
2 CoolBeans31 113.9
3 EGandhi 107.7
4 Justin Schauf 104.5
5 anonymous 99.7

The top two for the weekly race are less than a point apart, and the whole top five are close. IT'S ANYBODY'S GAME, PEOPLE. And I'm only about twenty points out of fifth place, so watch out, everyone.

Position Player Score
SP Max Scherzer 10.3
C Russell Martin 0.0
CI Edwin Encarnacion 15.0
MI Dustin Pedroia 11.1
OF Justin Upton 3.6
RP Tyler Clippard 0.0

Dustin Pedroia: scores 11 points, then leaves to be at the birth of his child. That's grission, folks. Or maybe he's just good, it's hard to tell. So who's going into labor tonight?

Position Player Price
SP Chris Sale $0.50
C Matt Wieters $33.50
CI Adrian Beltre $23.75
MI Elvis Andrus $18.00
OF Matt Holliday $36.00
RP Jim Johnson $1.75

Knowing literally nothing about the personal lives of any of these six players, I feel like Holliday's wife/partner/girlfriend/whatever is the most likely to give birth tonight. Totally random decision there, no logic behind it. Nobody else pick him.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!