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Rubin: Mets Open To Trading Ike Davis This Winter


Adam Rubin of ESPN had some interesting news for Mets fans this morning. According to Rubin, the Mets are open to trading first baseman Ike Davis this winter if it allows the team to improve in other areas. Via ESPNNewYork:

The Mets will consider trading Ike Davis this offseason as a way to upgrade other areas of the team and open a spot for Lucas Duda at his natural position, a baseball source told

The Mets have some obvious holes to fill, and potentially trading Davis could allow them to fill one while moving Lucas Duda to first, a position where he'd be far less of a defensive liability. Obvious areas of need include the outfield, the bullpen, and behind the plate.

I doubt the fact that the Mets are reportedly willing to listen to offers for Davis means that they're planning on actively shopping the 25-year old, but it's probably worth noting that Rubin says they're open to the idea. For as unpleasant as Rubin can seemingly be, he's generally well sourced.