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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 19

in which I continue my fanatical devotion to Matt Harvey
in which I continue my fanatical devotion to Matt Harvey

There's an afternoon game today, so rosters for Pick 6 need to be in early to beat the 1:10 Eastern start. This is annoying mostly because, you know, that's 10 AM on the west coast, and that's kind of early. It's inconvenient is all I'm saying. I hereby call for a Congressional hearing on Games Starting Early, with a view to postponing afternoon games to 3pm, or something.

Except on the weekends. That's fine.

Here are your points leaders from yesterday's game:

Rank Player Score
1 IslesFanInNJ 42.4
2 mzvalaren 41.9
3 OroscoSchiraldi 33.3
4 CajoleJuice 32.2
5 James Ubriaco 28.6

And here are the current leaders in the weekly race.

Rank Player Score
1 sitra2 76.7
2 CajoleJuice 71.9
3 OroscoSchiraldi 71.9
4 IslesFanInNJ 65.9
5 Li(f)e 55.2

My job keeps getting in the way of my Pick 6 gaming (damn adult obligations) so I didn't get to set a lineup for last night's games. This is unfortunate. But rejoice! for I get to play again today. Here's my Murderers' Row.

Position Player Price
SP Matt Harvey $0.50
C Carlos Santana $30.00
CI Evan Longoria $27.00
MI Ben Zobrist $26.25
OF Giancarlo Stanton $33.25
RP Chris Perez $1.75

I usually try to avoid picking multiple players from one team when I can (and when that's not the day's theme), because if the pitcher they face is on it that day, you lose two players. The Rays are going up against Daisuke Matsuzaka today, so I am unconcerned.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!