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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 2


My younger brother and I have had a running joke since he was on the Red Sox (I don't remember why) that Kelly Shoppach didn't deserve to have a first name, and would only earn it after doing something special (or even just good). After he left Boston we both sort of lost track of Shoppach, but he left without a first name. I was visiting him at school last night so I missed most of the game (the Mets aren't on TV much in West Lafayette, Indiana restaurants), but as we were leaving I noticed that Shoppach was hitting with the bases loaded, down one in the ninth. I commented that he might get a chance to earn his name, finally. By the time we'd gotten back to his apartment, the Mets had won the game.

Nice job, Kelly.

Now that we have that mostly irrelevant (but hopefully not dull) anecdote out of the way, let's get on to the Pick 6scores and lineups.

Scores yesterday weren't awful, but nobody had a particularly big day - but that led to some bunching.

Rank Player Score
1 airgriffey24 59.1
2 hypeprospect 53.1
3 goth brooks 46.4
4 CajoleJuice 46.3
5 lemme howdt 45.7

Any changes to the weekly table, then?

Rank Player Score
1 Ceetar 214.1
3 IanB in MD 185.3
4 OroscoSchiraldi 182.0
5 StevieStyles 179.3

Ceetar vaults ahead of everyone's favorite rival Pokemon trainer, and the 1986 World Series bullpen moves into the top five. There's still time for players to catch up - but our top two have been impressive all week, so it might take a really big last day performance to get to the top.

Usually I go through my record, but with so little time left before the games start, I'll forgo that for now. Just know that I was thoroughly mediocre and really top-heavy, and right to "believe in A.J."

Good luck, everyone.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!