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Mets Morning News: Mets Swept By Philly, Nats Clinch Postseason Baseball

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There was a game last night, it was essentially over in the first inning. To briefly recap, the Mets pitched poorly and Mike Baxter hit a homerun. Here's the box score for all of you masochists. For all of you looking for a silver lining, our draft position is improving.

Moving on, knuckleballers everywhere want to see R.A. Dickey win the NL Cy Young award. Actually, I think the majority of fans everywhere probably want to see Dickey win the award.

Frank Francisco is battling elbow issues at the moment. He's one of the few Mets relievers under contract for next season, so I'd be just fine with shutting him down.

Yesterday at AA:

We recapped the game that happened. As mentioned earlier, it wasn't a great result.

Also at AA, we celebrated Jason Bay's birthday.

Around the majors:

Here's a quick overview as to where the playoff races stand after Thursday.

As mentioned in the article above, the Nationals and the Reds have clinched post-season baseball. Congratulations to beoth sets of fans.

The Yankees gained ground on the Orioles, Baltimore had the night off. Meanwhile the Rays hung around the fringes of the wild card race with a dramatic win over the Red Sox.

The A's got back on track in their wild card chase, dealing a blow to the Tigers AL Central hopes in the process. Luckily for Detroit, the White Sox lost as well. The A's did have some bad news, as they will have to complete the rest of the regular season without Brett Anderson.

Milwaukee completed their sweep of the Pirates to remain in the hunt for the second NL wild card. The Cardinals are currently leading that race, and Viva El Birdos had a little more on it.

Finally for Friday, Fangraphs took a look at something that might be of interest to NL East fans in 2013.