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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 21

I'm usually forgiving, but I cannot support this facial hair
I'm usually forgiving, but I cannot support this facial hair

At this point I can't even muster up a pithy remark or anything like that for the game last night. I'm just upset, and I kind of want to give Jeremy Hefner a hug.

Let's get to the Pick 6 stuff before I start crying, or the Phillies hit another home run.

There have evidently been some issues with Pick 6 scoring lately, which I don't really have an explanation for. I think typically they've been sorted out later on, but since these posts need to be up before the games start (preferably as early as possible), I don't have the luxury of waiting for whatever fix may come. So for those of you who are wondering, that's why that's been happening. So here "are" your top scores from yesterday:

Rank Player Score
2 htmlfreak 58.1
3 mttlg 51.5
4 hypeprospect 48.4
5 GusGloom 36.4

If that doesn't look correct to anyone, note it in the comments - perhaps I can just send the mass of them to Support and that can help them know exactly what needs sorted out. At this point, it appears that GARY had a pretty good game last night, so good job to him/her.

Here's where the weekly race stands going into the weekend.

Rank Player Score
1 mttlg 165.3
2 IslesFanInNJ 151.8
3 hypeprospect 123.4
4 James Ubriaco 108.5
5 OroscoSchiraldi 105.9

Again, if there are inconsistencies that anyone notices, post them in the comments.

I didn't get to play yesterday for reasons, but I will today. So here's what I'll be working with.

Position Player Price
SP Ryan Vogelsong $27.50
C Matt Wieters $32.50
CI Ryan Zimmerman $25.00
MI Ruben Tejada $0.50
OF Justin Upton $24.50
RP Joel Hanrahan $8.25

Hopefully the Pirates can actually play well tonight, so Hanrahan might actually pitch. Goodness knows he won't appear in a non-save situation. Share your picks below, and like I said, if there are scoring issues, share them as well.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!