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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 24


We're starting to get close to the end of the season now: today is the beginning of the final full week of the regular season, with the last game of the season (for the Mets, at least) scheduled for Wednesday of next week. This is always something that will make me at least slightly sad - I'm not in school anymore, but the end of the baseball season always signals the end of summer to me, and while summer is no longer a vacation for many of us, I still have vestigial unhappiness at the beginning of the fall.

So even after a season that was half-awesome, half-horrifying, I'm still a bit upset to see it end. Even though it's pretty clear at this point that all the best opportunities for the Mets to improve lie in the offseason.

Anyway, with not a lot of time left in the year, if there's something that you've been waiting to do in Pick 6, now is the time. Whether that's "winning something" or "picking a ridiculous lineup," time's starting to run out on the season, so get it done! If anyone has a suggestion for a good theme game, go ahead and share it in the comments and if it's a cool idea, we can give it a shot.

Here are the scores from yesterday's games, which appear to have been well-played.

Rank Player Score
1 anonymous 79.2
2 gstatman 62.2
3 James Ubriaco 59.4
4 goth brooks 51.4
5 CoolBeans31 50.0

Those are some pretty high scores, so good job, everyone. Let's see what effect that had on the weekly championship race.

Rank Player Score
1 IslesFanInNJ 293.8
2 mttlg 281.3
3 anonymous 268.5
4 hypeprospect 237.6
5 James Ubriaco 213.7

Nice job by IslesFan to take the win. Over the course of a full week, ten-to-twelve points is pretty close too, so that's a nice bit of parity as well.

So it's time now to get a new week started right, and here's the team I'm taking into "battle."

Position Player Price
SP Chris Sale $0.50
C Alex Avila $22.50
CI Adam Dunn $22.50
MI Elvis Andrus $16.75
OF Curtis Granderson $32.50
RP Tyler Clippard $9.00

For some reason I wanted to try to conserve my funds as much as possible, but then I got to the end and had money left over and nothing to use it on. Maybe I should have picked Miguel Cabrera, just because I can.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!