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Quick Recap: Mets 6, Pirates 2 — Takin' Care Of Business

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jenrry Mejia's second start of the season and fifth start of his big league career wasn't quite perfect, but it was by far his best. In five scoreless innings, Mejia struck out four and walked two, but he didn't get past the fifth inning because he racked up quite the pitch count over the first two innings.

The Mets plated their first runs of the game on a two-run, opposite-field home run by Ike Davis. They tacked on a run in the fifth on a two-out single by David Wright, and Ike followed up with a his ninth thirtieth home run of the year to plate the Mets' fourth, fifth, and sixth runs. They wouldn't score again, but a parade of six Mets relief pitchers allowed just two runs over the final four innings to preserve the big lead.

We knew it was over when...

Ike's second home run cleared the fence.

What else?

  • The Mets have won four games in a row.
  • Mejia notched his first big league win. Hooray!
  • Gary Cohen and Ron Darling still do not like Heath Bell at all.

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