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This Week In SNY: Part One, Featuring Kevin Burkhardt On Fox, Keith Hernandez's Leather Jacket, And Jason Bay In A Dunkin' Donuts Commercial

A semi-weekly look at the goings-on at SNY, the Mets' television home.

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There is no re-design for TWISNY. We're traditionalists; change frightens us!

Monday, September 3rd

Let's check in with Kevin! Kevin bought a new pair of black jeans and wanted the audience to notice. Here he is subtlely drawing attention to his purchase:


"Guys I spoke with Justin Turner before the game and he agrees that blue jeans are overrated. Black is in. I'm gonna stand in the outfield seats and put out the vibe. Back upstairs to you guys."

We've noticed that when the Mets go on the road the attention to detail on SNY broadcasts suffers. This cavalcade of Nitpicking With TWISNY entries is our evidence. First up, Jason Bay is mistaken for Lucas Duda:


Next, Scott Hairston is mistaken for Mike Baxter:


Here, Matt Harvey is mistaken for Ruben Tejada:


That's enough mistaken identity for one week. Let's move on to SNY's apparent psychic powers. SNY noted that Jason Bay was 1-for-1 with a single, even though he had yet to bat in the game:


A few pitches later, Bay reached base on an infield single. Here's Bay enjoying himself at first base:


Can an SNY producer see the future? Or was someone just asleep at the switch? We screenshot, you decide.

Finally, Metstradamus noticed an egregious misspelling of the name of an iconic Met:


C'mon now! We knew it was "Tommie" and not "Tommy" by the time we were ten years old! Respect the legend!

This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

Saturday, September 8th

Kevin joined Tom Verducci in the booth to call the Mets-Braves game on Fox. Here is a shot of the moment when the freckles in their eyes were perfectly aligned:


We rated their performance somewhere between Joe Buck/Tim McCarver and Gary, Keith, and Ron. It's a wide range. Congrats to Kevin for his national television broadcasting debut!

Monday, September 10th

Keith Hernandez's moustache might soon be disappearing but his keen fashion sense remains. Here he is just killing it wearing a brown leather jacket:


Saturday, September 15th

A giant paper airplane landed near second base during a game in Milwaukee:


Gary Cohen was excited about it:

Gary Cohen: A paper airplane -- a huge one -- comes flying right to second base. That was like a guided missile. It came somewhere out of the right field stands and made it all the way to second base and that is a work of art!

Keith Hernandez: We used to do that in school, remember?

Gary Cohen: Did you get that kind of hang time? Or distance? I tried for years to make paper airplanes that would fly and sail. But never anything like that. That was very impressive!

Daniel Murphy was also inspired by the paper airplane and started taking origami classes upon the Mets' return to New York.


Manny Acosta drilled Aramis Ramirez with the first post-plane pitch. Speaking of Ramirez...

Sunday, September 16th

Via NotGraphs, Ramirez showed off his wow-face after taking Chris Young deep:


Earlier this season we noted that Jason Bay starred in a Dick's Sporting Goods commercial as a kayak salesman:


His career has continued to take off; here he is in a Dunkin' Donuts commercial promoting a nutritious breakfast sandwich:


We support Bay's foray into non-baseball work, whether it's as a sporting goods store floor guy, a Dunkin' Donuts pitchman, or a weatherman:


Check back tomorrow for part two of this week's TWISNY.