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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 27

It's Thursday, there's afternoon baseball, and Pick 6 is armed and ready to go.

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Good morning, and welcome to Pick 6: the Pick 6ening. (Yeah, I'm reusing jokes. I liked that one, so sue me.) Let's get right to the matter at hand and take a look at how Amazin' Avenue did yesterday.

Rank Player Score
2 CoolBeans31 45.7
3 sitra2 45.3
4 feslenraster 44.8
5 James Ubriaco 44.5

And here's where we stand in the weekly scoring race:

Rank Player Score
1 James Ubriaco 130.5
2 sitra2 108.9
3 Thomas Wachtel 108.3
4 CoolBeans31 107.7
5 anonymous 80.1

I'm still sitting in third place; I am fairly certain that this is the latest in any week that I have been not completely awful, so I'm going to be pretty happy about that. On the other hand, my six weren't really all that good yesterday, and if I want to actually do something this week, that's going to have to change.

Position Player Score
SP C.J. Wilson 0.8
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia 0.0
CI David Wright 7.2
MI Ian Desmond 16.9
OF Jay Bruce -1.0
RP Tyler Clippard 4.8

C.J Wilson evidently thinks pitching well is too mainstream. That could be a lot better, so let's do it.

Position Player Price
SP R.A. Dickey $62.50
C Jesus Montero $15.75
CI Adrian Beltre $24.75
MI Ian Desmond $2.00
OF Bryce Harper $5.50
RP Kenley Jansen $9.50

Praise be to Dickey, y'all.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!