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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 5


I'm not sure whether I should blame Beltran for Matt Harvey's under-awesome performance yesterday, or start calling for a traid before his value drops too drastically. I know that being calm and rational and understanding that young players take time to fully develop into their potential is right out, though: if there's one thing television and the Internet have taught me, it's that there is no place for reasoned discourse when it comes to sports. SOMEONE MUST BE BLAMED.

Just kidding. On to the Pick 6 stuff that you're all waiting for.

First off, a bit of news. Yesterday SB Nation debuted a new Pick 6 game for football, which is basically the same thing but in a different sport. So if you're a football fan at all (even in the weakest sense, like me) and/or like fantasy football, feel free to check that out as well. It should be a good time.\

Anyway, yesterday was one of the lowest-scoring days I can remember. It was so low-scoring that I made the top five with my typical mediocrity.

Rank Player Score
1 James Ubriaco 44.5
2 Thomas Wachtel 39.7
3 Li(f)e 39.0
4 CoolBeans31 32.7
5 CajoleJuice 26.5

Yeah. Today should be better. Here's how that affected the week's standings.

Rank Player Score
1 hypeprospect 88.7
2 Reg Dunlop 81.6
3 CajoleJuice 77.1
4 James Ubriaco 74.9
5 EGandhi 70.1

Another week, another close race. Nobody's really running away with it, and the gap from first to fifth is one that can be closed in a day, under the right conditions. Not by me, though.

Position Player Score
SP Matt Harvey 4.2
C Carlos Santana 10.2
CI Joe Mauer 8.6
MI Ruben Tejada 7.2
OF Giancarlo Stanton 16.6
RP Ernesto Frieri 0.0

Nobody was really all that bad, but only Stanton really performed admirably. I still am not certain of who Ernesto Frieri is. Here's my team for today:

Position Player Price
SP R.A. Dickey $64.50
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia $13.50
CI Mark Trumbo $22.75
MI Ian Desmond $3.75
OF Bryce Harper $7.75
RP Joe Nathan $7.25

It's R.A. Dickey Day! Rejoice! Also, I think I may have picked Ian Desmond more than any other player in this game. It seems like every time I do he produces, and he's really cheap. Not that I'm ever legitimately successful at this game, mind.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!