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Pick 6 Fantasy Baseball, September 6

this is just an awesome picture
this is just an awesome picture

I assumed, when I opened the Pick 6 page today and saw the scores for Amazin' Avenue players, that R.A. Dickey had blessed us all with a bounty of fantasy points. After all, he pitched reasonably well, and I just generally presume that when he pitches, due to his awesomeness and the (understandable) cult following he has here, most players have him in their lineups when he pitches.

So I was surprised to find that he'd only scored 3.3 points.

Here are those scores, without the expected Dickeyflation that usually happens every five days:

Rank Player Score
1 airgriffey24 73.1
2 hypeprospect 69.9
3 gstatman 68.1
4 OroscoSchiraldi 62.8
5 Thomas Wachtel 56.1

I'd love to include the weekly table here, but for some reason I can't get it to load. Everything else on the website looks like it's fine - I had no issues at all setting my team, or doing anything else I needed to do on there - but for reasons that escape me in my lack of computer expertise, I can't get to the weekly scores. Sorry, everyone. Anyway, so here's what I did yesterday to (somehow) get into the top five. Hint: it includes me getting crazy lucky.

Position Player Score
SP R.A. Dickey 3.3
C Jarrod Saltalamacchia 8.0
CI Mark Trumbo -3.0
MI Ian Desmond 10.0
OF Bryce Harper 33.0
RP Joe Nathan 4.8

I picked Harper at the last second to replace someone (I don't remember who) so I could reduce costs and get a better player at a different position. He hasn't been awesome lately, but evidently he was last night. Two home runs and two walks will get you a ton of points, evidently. So who might I get lucky with today?

Position Player Price
SP Josh Johnson $22.25
C Russell Martin $4.75
CI Ryan Zimmerman $27.00
MI Ian Kinsler $40.50
OF Jason Heyward $18.25
RP Joe Nathan $7.25

Russell Martin? Russell Martin.

All players are subject to the official Pick 6 rules. Go to the Pick 6 homepage to get started!