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This Week In SNY, Featuring Keith Hernandez's Moustache And The Attack Of The 50-Foot Rauch

News broke this week that Keith Hernandez may shave his iconic moustache near season's end. TWISNY is anti-shave but will only be disappointed, not devastated, if it happens. Keith's moustache has certainly greyed this season. Here's a screenshot from May:


Compare to late August:


We think there will still be plenty of play for Mr. Grey.

Tuesday, August 21st

SNY cameras spotted these fans, one wearing a Keith Hernandez jersey and the other repping Sid Fernandez:


Keith had some thoughts on the two fans while Gary Cohen did some minor damage control:

Keith Hernandez: Boy!

Gary Cohen: That's a Hernandez next to a Fernandez.

Keith Hernandez: It should be reversed!

Gary Cohen: Alphabetically, of course.

Of course! Good save, Gary.

Back in May, we caught what we thought was a bit of subliminal messaging on the part of SNY. This flashed on-screen for a split-second:


We determined it was probably just some SNY technical bug rather than an Orwellian OBEY message. Two weeks ago, we noticed a similar message:



Again it appears to be just a technical bug. However, we want you to know that we're on the side of the viewer, always on the lookout for attempts at mind control by powerful entities. And we are very pleased with our LASIK surgery, which has improved our vision such that we can spot these fleeting moments.

Tuesday, August 28th

It was just another normal week for Phillies fans at Citizens Bank Park:




Here's Chase Utley during his Omega Theta Pi induction ceremony. "Thank you sir may I have another!"


Friday, August 31st

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles paid a visit to Billy the Marlin:


Gary Cohen and Ron Darling provided some commentary:

Gary Cohen: It is Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Day

Ron Darling: Is it Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle or is it Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Gary Cohen: Does it matter?

Ron Darling: (chortle)

Gary Cohen: I know you've got your Raphael, your Donatello. Who are the other two artists represented?

Here are my picks for Ninja Turtles/New York Mets parallels:

Leonardo: David Wright
Donatello: R.A. Dickey
Raphael: Frank Francisco
Michelangelo: Jordany Valdespin
Splinter: Sandy Alderson

Saturday, September 1st

It's time for Nitpicking With TWISNY. This week's edition is brief; check out Max Scherzer's 8 "scorelees" innings pitched:


This has been Nitpicking With TWISNY.

Finally, Jon Rauch had some fun with the green screen in the Marlins bullpen:


Given his enormous size, film producers determined the role that would most suit him:


Looks like a box office giant!

That's all for now. Thank you once again to Rob Castellano and Chris McShane. Send any tips or suggestions to You will be credited if we run the material. Have a great weekend!