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This Week In Mets Quotes: Chipper Jones On 'Larry," Terry Collins on RBIs, R.A. Dickey On Battlin'

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Lots of interesting, funny, idiotic, and insightful things were said by the Mets — and about them — over the past week. Here are some of our favorites.

I stand by my support for a standing ‘Larry’ chant

"It might be a recording of all my plate appearances where they announced my name and the chorus of boos rained down. I don't know. Like I said, I'm not expecting anything, but anything would be appreciated." —Larry Jones [ESPN]

I hope these aren't the productive players Sandy was talking about

There's a lot of guys who are very productive that don't have high batting averages or a high on-base [percentage], but they're driving in 110 runs and they're hitting 30 homers. There's other pieces to the puzzle, and that's certainly a big piece." —Terry Collins [Wall Street Journal]

RA Dickey: Promoter of Kaizen

"It was a battle for me. I didn't have a great feel for it. It was a little bit like my last outing. It got better in the fourth and fifth inning. I threw a couple of more fastballs than I normally would have because we had a little bit of a lead and I didn't want to fall behind in the counts. I'm pleased with the result obviously but I've got some work to do." —RA Dickey [ESPN]

Don’t let them know that then

"The thing that separates him from most guys is that he throws it with some velocity and he throws it for strikes. Guys go up there and they try and work the count and the next thing they know they're 0-2." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

The Mets have a rare opportunity to give us a ‘Cal Ripken’

"I've really enjoyed it here. Although we haven't gotten things completely turned around, we've taken small steps in the right direction and have something to build on. ... There's not a single complaint that I have. [The Mets] drafted me as a kid. They developed me. They've given me an opportunity to make a living playing a game. There's a tremendous amount of mutual respect. They've gone above and beyond. ... My favorite player was Cal Ripken. The biggest reason for that was, I like that he stayed." —David Wright [CBS Sports]

If that’s crap, I don’t know what to call what the bullpen did earlier this year

"I've said it before in the past, what I did tonight was crap. I'm not happy about it. I want go out there and go deeper into the game. I've got to get quick outs and I've got to keep the pitch count down and I didn't do that tonight." —Matt Harvey [ESPN]

Included for the use of ‘shuts this sucker down’

"[Dan Warthen] and I were sitting down on the bench after the three-run inning. We kind of looked at each other and I said, 'Now we'll see what we got here. Let's see if he shuts this sucker down,' and he did. He had to work hard because they've got a good lineup and a good offensive club. I looked up and it's the fifth inning and it's still 3-0. I was impressed about how he went about his job." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Obligatory #blamebeltran

"[Beltran’s] is the one that tipped them off, but he heard it because they were blasting it on TV. He was the delivery boy." —Terry Collins [ESPN]

Let me hear the ump's side...

"[Torres] went over the front corner with his toe and it just kicked dirt up onto the base," —Dave Rackley [ESPN]

"It was exactly what [Rackley] described. His foot went over [the bag], the toes hit the ground, the heel never did [hit the bag]. And did you see where [Rackley] was? He was right there to make the call." —Dale Scott [ESPN]

...Compelling. Mr. Murphy you have the floor

"We had access to video. I'm sure you guys did, too. So we know the answer to that." —Daniel Murphy [ESPN]

I know exactly how Matt Harvey feels, you know, except I think that while playing My Player mode in MLB 2k12

"Sometimes in the minors, it was, 'I have to get this guy out. I have to go seven innings, eight innings, and completely dominate this game in order to get to the big leagues. Whereas here, it's, 'I have to win.'" —Matt Harvey []

It’s been a while since the Mets could say that

"He’s got the stuff to start, too. But you can’t have 10 starters. Pitching is definitely the bright spot for the Mets, without question.” —Wally Backman [ESPN]

I’m sold, give him the Cy Young

“We are [eight] games below .500 and he's [13] games over .500. That says a lot. ... I know we've had a collapse in the second half, but when you look at what he's done the entire year, he's racked up numbers against every team in baseball. No matter who he's faced, he's pitched great." —Terry Collins [Newsday]

With Pelfrey out, Hefner makes his pitch for sneaky funniest Met

“I think [Thole] asked for the ball.” —Jeremy Hefner regarding Thole’s breaking an 0 for 30 with a base hit [ESPN]

Sounds like a good time to shut him down

“I think it feels that way, to tell you the truth. If they needed me to go longer, I could go longer. But it’s definitely felt like 150 innings.” —Zack Wheeler [ESPN]

Well at least Lutz is confident in Ike’s ceiling

“I’ve got a superstar ahead of me at third base and a superstar in the making at first.” —Zach Lutz [ESPN]

I assume Lutz is as annoyed with reading ‘when healthy, he hits’ as everyone else

“I’ve overcome some tough injuries. It feels good to be here -- really good, actually.” —Zach Lutz [ESPN]

It would behoove SNY to televise an RA Dickey acceptance speech…you know, if that isn’t already a thing

"When he gives his speech for the Cy Young, make sure he mentions the Marlins. We would appreciate that." —Ozzie Guillen

Terry Collins talking about Thole…or Duda…or is it Bay

“We’re trying to get him to re-establish his swing from two years ago. We want him to shorten his swing, shorten up on the bat, have less violent a swing.” —Terry Collins [ESPN]

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Pelfrey has a great mindset

”I would consider [making Mike Pelfrey a closer.] He is a big, strong, durable guy. One inning at a time he could be pretty impressive. I think he has a great mindset to be a closer.” —Terry Collins [New York Post]

You know your season is going pretty bad when ‘continuing to show up every day’ is an accomplishment

”It was [Jason Bay’s] win today — he set the tone. He came out and he just continues to show up every day and play hard and be a great teammate. I just really couldn’t be happier for him today.” —Chris Young [New York Post]

Probably should be trying to be a different guy

“It’s obviously been a very trying time, and I take a lot of pride in trying to be the same guy every day.” —Jason Bay [New York Post]