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Quick Recap: Braves 11, Mets 3 — Meaningful September Baseball

Should've just canceled the game.
Should've just canceled the game.

It took more than four hours from start to finish, interrupted for 75 minutes by torrential rain and apocalyptic skies, but the Mets embarrassed themselves once again at the hands of the almighty Braves, dropping this one 11-3. I joked during the rain delay that the Mets were threatening to take the tarp off and actually resume the game, because a rain-shortened 8-2 loss seemed preferable to playing out the final three-plus innings toward a final score of who-knows-what. Who-knows-what wound up as 11-3, as the Mets dropped their second straight to Atlanta.

Jeremy Hefner started for the Mets and threw 64 pitches without completing even three innings, allowing five runs on eight hits and a couple of walks in the process. The bullpen wasn't much better; Robert Carson and Jeurys Familia coughed up two runs apiece, while Manny Acosta and Edwin Ramirez each surrendered a tack-on run.

We knew it was over when...

The Braves led 5-0 after three and the Mets' bullpen was already in the game.

What else?

  • Though it momentarily dipped earlier in the game, David Wright finished 2-for-4 to keep his OPS above .900.
  • The Ike Davis OBP Watch settled at .302.
  • Wright threw a lawn dart in the second inning. Glorious.

Game Thread Roll Call

Nice job by MetsFan4Decades; her effort in the game thread embiggens us all.

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8 Syler 49
9 Brian. 36
10 Virginia_Mets_Fan 30