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2013 Mets Outfield Trade Targets

An offseason review of players for whom the Mets might be able to acquire via trade to upgrade their outfield.

Realistic Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Part 3

If the bounty for even the most modest pre-arbitration or arbitration eligible outfield options is too grand, perhaps the New York Mets could instead target blocked or depreciated prospects.

Realistic Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Part 2

Recent outfield acquisition Rick Ankiel isn't a likely long-term answer for the New York Mets. The Mets could still look to acquire a superior option and toss Ankiel back on the free agent pile.

Realistic Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Part 1

Acquiring either Carlos Gonzalez or Giancarlo Stanton, while ideal, might be too rich for the New York Mets' blood. But that doesn't mean the organization can't set their eyes on other, more realistic outfield trade targets.

Mets Outfield Trade Targets Revisited

With Michael Bourn off the table, who might the Mets be able to acquire to upgrade the outfield?

Mets Won't Trade Wheeler For Upton

Jon Heyman reports that talks between the Mets and Diamondbacks reached an impasse when the Mets refused to part with top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler.

Who Would The Mets Have To Give Up For Upton?

Taking a look at a hypothetical Mets trade for Justin Upton.

2013 Mets Trade Targets: The Colorado Rockies

The Rockies have a number of outfielders and are in need of pitching. Could there be a fit between the Mets and Colorado?

Mets Outfield Trade Targets: Los Angeles Angels

With the Angels and Josh Hamilton agreeing to a megadeal yesterday, they suddenly have too many outfielders again. Could there be a match for Sandy Alderson and the Mets?

Mets Outfield Trade Targets: The Detroit Tigers

With the news that Torii Hunter has agreed to play in Detroit in 2013, the Tigers suddenly have an outfield surplus. Is there a trade fit for the Mets?

Mets Outfield Trade Targets: The Minnesota Twins

The Twins may've lost 90+ games for the second straight year but they have a few interesting outfielders. Could they be a fit for the Mets? In part three of this series, we take a closer look at the Twins' outfield situation.

Mets Outfield Trade Targets: The Oakland Athletics

After acquiring Chris Young from Arizona, Billy Beane has assembled quite a stable of outfielders. Is there a chance that the student can help the mentor? In part two of this series, we take a look at the Oakland A's outfield situation.

Outfield Trade Targets: The Arizona Diamondbacks

With Arizona likely to move an outfielder this offseason, Kevin Towers may be a trade partner for Sandy Alderson to work with. Are the Mets a fit?