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Mets Morning News: Piazza Snubbed For The Hall, Along With Everyone Else

New York Mets related news and links for January 10, 2013

Christian Petersen

The big news of the day was the brilliant decision of the BBWAA voters not to induct anyone into the Hall of Fame. On a ballot with the greatest offensive catcher of all time, the best home run hitter of all time, and one of the best pitchers ever, they decided that being suspected of doing whatever it took to become better players was enough to warrant the inclusion of none of them. There were some former managers and teammates of Piazza that were none too pleased with the decision, and rightfully so.

Don't you hate when you're answering a call from a telemarketer and it turns out to be David Wright? Actually, that sort of thing probably doesn't happen to most of us, as we weren't ever TRAIDed for R.A. Dickey. Travis d'Arnaud was though, and Wright gave him a welcome call when he stepped out of a wedding he was attending.

Andy McCullough looked again at the three Mets players who are still looking at a salary to be set by arbitration if a deal with the club can't be agreed before the hearings. Those hearings are set to begin on February 2, so hopefully all three will have deals in place before then.

Yesterday at AA:

Matthew wrote about why the hall needs Piazza more than Piazza needs the hall.

James gave us all an outlet in which to discuss our favorite Mike Piazza memories.

David gave us all a reason to celebrate January 9, as it was the anniversary of the day that Carlos Beltran agreed to join the Mets. Coincidence that Piazza didn't get into the hall yesterday? I think not. #BlameBeltran

Around Baseball:

Rob Neyer had an interesting bit up about the BBWAA voters. It's certainly worth a read.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs wrote about that time HoF-snub Barry Bonds struck out against Trevor Hoffman. Struck out with the bases loaded? #BlameBeltran

There was all sorts of interesting reactions to the results of the HoF voting over the past 24 hours, and BtB does a nice job of highlighting many of the better ones.

One of the more ridiculous things about the Hall of Fame vote was that Aaron Sele actually received a vote. Some of the reaction to that news on Twitter was priceless. The writer who made that decision really needs to come forward and explain their reasoning on that one.