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Mets Morning News: Mets Reportedly Talking About Kip Wells, Two Years For Scott Hairston

New York Mets related news and links for January 11, 2012

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

There were a few rumors surrounding the team yesterday as they look to round out the roster for 2013. The Mets are still looking for some pitching for the back end of their rotation, and yesterday the target of the day was reportedly Kip Wells. There were also some hints that the Mets may be considering going to two years for Scott Hairston.

The Post ran a piece about Travis d"Arnuad, noting that he wants to make the Mets out of spring training. I'd be surprised if he didn't get the Ike Davis treatment even if he has a great spring, keeping him in the minor leagues for the first few weeks of the season to assure the team has an extra year of control.

There was some talk in the last few weeks that the Mets would like to see MLS come to Citifield, but MLS pretty much put that idea to bed yesterday. They still want to build in nearby Corona Park, but they do not want to share facilities with other sports.

Yesterday at AA:

David looked back on the day that we came to terms with Mike Pelfrey. I remember how excited I was when that happened. Sigh.

Around Baseball:

The Arizona Diamondbacks agreed to a TRAID for right fielder Justin Upton, and then Justin Upton said no. Mariners fans seem to think it was a pretty heavy package for the 25-year old Upton, but honestly, it doesn't look like that steep a price to pay to me.

If Upton proves to be too hesitant to join for the Mariners to acquire, the Nationals may be a team for them to get in touch with. Michael Morse will almost certainly be TRAIDed before the start of the season, as they don't really have a place to play him.

The Mets are still looking for starting pitching, and Fangraphs just happened to take a look at Shaun Marcum yesterday. Because of that, they get a link.

Sammy Sosa apparently didn't take not entering the hallowed halls of Cooperstown too badly. His Pinterest page is an absolute must see.

Not baseball related:

Ever wondered if continued education, the world's oldest profession, and sports could be tied together? Apparently they can.