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Mets Morning News: Visions of Justin Uptons Danced In Mets Fans' Heads

Your Saturday morning dose of New York Mets and Major League Baseball news, notes, and links

Is there any chance the Mets can grab Justin Upton?
Is there any chance the Mets can grab Justin Upton?
Doug Pensinger

Meet the Mets

With Justin Upton rejecting a trade to the Mariners, rumor has it that the Mets have re-opened talks with the Diamondbacks about the 25-year-old star. While a Mets' source doesn't believe the team has much of a chance, Jon Heyman reported earlier on Friday that the Mets are searching for big-name outfielders and because of this, Scott Hairston is a backup plan.

The rumored trade with the Mariners was a large price, but certainly not out of this world and it seems like the Mets could conceivably meet that. I don't know if I'd be willing to part with Ruben Tejada, but considering Arizona acquired Didi Gregorius last month, who knows if that's a requirement.

Sandy Alderson said yesterday that Frank Francisco is the team's closer right now, but the team is still scouring a market that seems to be somewhat saturated with decent closer-type relief options.

MLB Network listed Daniel Murphy among the league's top 10 second basemen last night. Well, that's interesting.

Around the Majors

This is pretty cool: Yogi Berra is going to be tweeting soon.

The Rangers have pulled out of the Justin Upton derby after making their final offer before the Mariners' deal was accepted.

The Red Sox would like to shorten Mike Napoli's contract by one year due to injury concerns. The two sides agreed to terms over a month ago, but they're not done yet.

Former big leaguer Milton Bradley had a number of violent episodes during his tenure in the league and now he faces up to 13 years behind bars due to a spousal abuse case. Awful.

A trio of Scott Boras clients find themselves still find themselves on the market with just a month to go before spring training. Boras had an excellent quote in this Jerry Crasnick article.

If you're interested in baseball video games, Andrew McCutchen will be on the cover of MLB 13: The Show.

Yesterday At AA

Chris announced the winner of the second "R.A. Dickey Face" contest yesterday. There were so many worthy entries.

Spencer Schneier asks what it would take to acquire Justin Upton. This is a very Justin Upton heavy Mets Morning News. JUSTIN UPTON!

Matthew recaps the first episode of This Week In Baseball, which was recently released on iTunes.

Brock writes about how MLB welcomed the designated hitter on January 11th, 1973.

Justin Upton Videos

Just in case you're curious (and because I've spent my morning watching these), Justin Upton does lots of awesome things: