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Marlon Anderson Has A Blog

Former Met Marlon Anderson has a new blog. It's about baseball and food. If you like baseball or food or Marlon Anderson, you should definitely check it out.

Doug Benc/Getty Images

Former Met Marlon Anderson, having already conquered Twitter, has moved into his mother's basement and started a blog, ostensibly about baseball and food. There's only one post so far — Anderson's take on this year's Hall Of Fame voting — and while the cogency and refinement of his writing is about what you'd expect, he's not without a sense of humor. To wit (emphasis mine):

I tweeted "I believe #MLB sportswriters made a bold statement today! I’m glad they stood up for "ALL" the players who did it the right way. THX!!!" My comment was retweeted by some people who liked the statement and mocked by some others who didn’t respect it or my 10-year major league career. But I know, as one guy so nicely reminded me, that my numbers are no-where [sic] close to being HOF worthy. However, my name was on the same lockers in the same locker rooms as the players of this "Steroid Era". I have the credentials and knowledge to speak on this subject.

In my experience, ex-ballplayers are far more interesting than current ballplayers, for reasons owing to media relations, politeness, and perhaps a lack of introspection, so I'm always eager to hear (or read) the thoughts of former players. I'm a little disappointed in Anderson's choice of Blogger theme and his decision to indent paragraphs, however.


If we're lucky, "At The Plate" will be half as good as Jose Valentin's (fake) baseball-foodie blog, The Jose Valentin Experience.