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Brooklyn Cyclones To Host Fictitious Friday, Inspired By Manti Te'o

The Mets' minor league affiliate says the fake Sidd Finch will toe the rubber on Fictitious Friday.

Photo credit: urbanshoegirl (Flickr)

The Brooklyn Cyclones, Single-A affiliate of the New York Mets, never miss an opportunity to capitalize on a potential promotion, and the Manti Te'o debacle is no exception. The club announced today that it would host Fictitious Friday on June 21.

According to the team's press release, Sidd Finch will start the game for the Cyclones, and everything else about the night will be a hoax. Among the other jokes made in the press release are:

  • The Cyclones will take on Roy Hobbs and the New York Knights.
  • The Beatles will reunite for a once-in-a-lifetime concert event.
  • "MCU Park will host a unique petting zoo for those in attendance, featuring a unicorn, a mermaid, and a Minotaur."
  • "All of the player headshots used on the video board will just be random people whose photos we find on the Internet. "
The Cyclones also never miss an opportunity to come up with a new uniform, though it's tough to imagine how they'll be able to wear fake clothing for this promotion.