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Mets Morning News: Brought To You By The Letter 'P'

Perpetual Pedro makes peace with the pitching coach, Paul Depodesta pimps prospects, and Piazza pundits talk plate work.

Nick Laham

Meet the Mets

Perpetual Pedro Feliciano returned to the Mets yesterday, signing a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training. I caught him at the end of last year when he was rehabbing for the Staten Island Yankees and the arm looked like it was swiss cheese, but it always pays to be left-handed. Feliciano will compete with Robert Carson, Aaron Laffey and Darin Gorski for the second lefty spot in the major league pen.

Rob Neyer defends Mike Piazza's defense over at Baseball Nation. It's not like the bat alone doesn't make Piazza Hall of Famer, but it's nice to see his work behind the plate get some more respect.

Over at Mets Minor League Blog, Toby Hyde dissects Paul Depodesta's remarks to Adam Rubin about the state of the farm.

And over at, Jonathan Mayo ranked his top ten right-handed pitching prospects. . Zack Wheeler at #4 is no surprise, but Noah Syndergaard also snuck onto the list at #10, ahead of such luminaries as Taylor Guerrieri, Kevin Gausman, and Aaron Sanchez.

Yesterday at AA

Brock Mahan talked three-way trades.

Rob Castellano looked at the five biggest dongs from Mets hitters last year and welcomed back Pedro Feliciano with open arms.

Around MLB

Carlos Beltran would like to stay in St. Louis after his contract expires at the end of this season. Sorry Carlos, but I think Oscar Taveras might have some say in that matter.

A couple of oft-injured arms got minor league deals yesterday: Erik Bedard with the Houston Astros and Nate Robertson with the Texas Rangers.

Amazingly, MLB was able to once again announce the location of the All-Star Game more than a year in advance. The 2015 edition will be in Cincinnati.

Jeff Sullivan does what he does best, GIFing Rays pitcher Chris Archer's attempt to steal second base. Also at FanGraphs, Dave Cameron tries to put Stan Musial's numbersinto a modern day context.

And Now, Your 2012 Mets Highlight Of The Day To Tide You Over Until Spring Training:


And Your Non-Baseball Link Of The Day:

"Wildlife in Chernobyl"

I'm usually loathe to link to Slate, despite having a friend that works there, but I'm a sucker for weird science.