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Mets Morning News: Mets Sign Shaun Marcum, Scott Hairston Agrees To Terms With The Chicago Cubs

New York Mets related news and links for January 24, 2013


There is quite a bit of actual news to talk about this morning, as the Mets have reportedly added a starting pitcher and are looking seriously at the best outfielder left on the market. News just broke that the Mets have reached an agreement with righthander Shaun Marcum, who spent last season with the Milwaukee Brewers.

There are no details on the value of the contract as of yet, but Marcum would likely slot immediately into the back of the Mets rotation. Marcum threw 124 innings last season, striking out about 8 batters-per-9 and walking about 3 batters-per-9 innings.

The Mets have been showing interest in adding an outfielder to their band of merry men patrolling the area beyond David Wright, Ruben Tejada, and company for next season as well. Yesterday we had some news that they were looking for protection for the No 11 pick in the draft should they choose to sign Michael Bourn. If that pick is protected, Bourn all of a sudden makes a lot of sense.

Yesterday at AA

Steve took a look at another international free agent, this time focusing on Bobby Cramer.

Amazin' Avenue Audio returned from the dead yesterday. Does that make it undead? I suppose that means we have a bit more outfield competition then.

Matthew Callan continued to look at This Week in Baseball, focusing on Episode Four.

Around Baseball

Scott Hairston will not be manning the Mets outfield next season, as he's reportedly agreed to a deal with the Cubs. Ken Rosenthal reports that Hairston finally got his two-year deal from the Cubs, although he doesn't have the value of that deal either.

The Braves have made an offer for Mets' target Justin Upton, and the offer supposedly includes former top pitching prospect Julio Teheran or Randall Delgado. After what the Mariners had offered, I'd be a bit surprised if that got it done.

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