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Shaun Marcum-Inspired Mets Mind Boggler

Shaun Marcum won't light up the radar gun, but he wasn't close to being the pokiest pitcher of 2012 according to average fastball velocity. Can you figure out who was?

Marc Serota / Getty Images

As Bryan pointed out in his analysis of the Shaun Marcum signing earlier today, the newest Mets starter doesn't throw very hard. According to FanGraphs, Marcum's fastball averaged just 86.5 MPH in 2012. While that's well below the MLB median (and roughly half as hot as Sidd Finch's heater), he wasn't the softest tosser in the bigs last year. Nine hurlers accrued at least 50 innings pitched while serving up milder cheddar than Shaun did. How many can you name?

Pitchers with Slower Fastballs Than Shaun Marcum in 2012

Here's a hint: two of pitchers on the list should be familiar, since they combined to start 54 games for the Mets last season. You're on your own for the rest, though.

You'll get four minutes to make your guesses. Per usual, you only need to enter a player's last name to get credit for an answer. Now go have at it and be sure to share your score in the comments. Good luck! You'll need it to figure out some of these guys.