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Mets Morning News: Mets Like Michael Bourn And Brian Wilson, But Do They Like-Like Them?

The Mets don't want to give up a draft pick for Michael Bourn, will watch Brian Wilson throw again. And the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down.

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Meet the Mets

As you might expect, Sandy Alderson is not thrilled with the idea of giving up the eleventh overall pick for Michael Bourn. I assume we will have some sort of resolution at some point this week, since you know, it's almost February.

Sandy's also going to take another look at former Giants closer Brian Wilson. The Giants closer did not impress during the Mets' first look at him, but again, it's almost February and the Mets have maybe three locks for their opening day bullpen on the 40-man.

Yesterday at AA

Yesterday was Angel Berroa's birthday. Brock Mahan was on it!

Around MLB

Rob Neyer investigates the shenaningans around George Brett's final batting title.

Jordan Zimmerman would consider signing a long-term extension with the Nationals. released their list of the top ten first base prospects. No Mets made the list, sorry Allan Dykstra fans.

And the ZiPS projections roll on over at FanGraphs. Today is the Tampa Bay Rays, and unsurprisingly, Wil Myers is already projected to be better than Jeff Francoeur.